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If we’re really serious about the environment then single stream technology should be the way of the future for recycling in Connecticut. Unlike the old, inconvenient, and inefficient method of redeeming bottles at supermarkets, single stream recycling is:

  • Clean – No more messy sorting of your different recyclables.
  • Green – The technology dramatically increases recycling rates, in some cases by more than 90%!
  • Convenient – All of your recyclables (glass and plastic bottles, aluminum cans, newspapers, magazines, paper goods, and cardboard) go into one bin.

Thanks to these advantages, some 500 cities and towns across the country have adopted single stream recycling. Right here in Connecticut, the town of Bristol recently switched over to single stream recycling and has seen a 9.1% decrease in rubbish volume and a 112% increase in recycling! Single stream is also helping Bristol save money as it requires less equipment, fewer collectors, and reduces tipping fees; the cost that the town pays to dispose of rubbish at area landfills.

Put simply, with single stream recycling everybody wins:

  • Consumers win because of the convenience.
  • Cities and towns win because of reduced collection costs and increased revenues.
  • The environment wins because recycling rates dramatically increase.

That’s why the 21st Century Recycling Coalition is working to educate Connecticut consumers, municipalities, and elected officials about the benefits of single stream recycling. Please use this website to learn more about single stream recycling and to tell your elected officials about the 21st century way to recycle.



Contact your legislators today and tell them no to expanding the outdated bottle bill and yes to single stream recycling!